Find Your Self-Growth Strategy: How Personality Type Affects Personal Development

May 19, 2022

Do you know your personality type? If not, you should take a personality assessment to find out. It’s super useful in expanding your self-awareness. Your personality type can help you discover a lot about yourself, including how you approach personal development. Some people are more likely to succeed with certain strategies than others. In this blog post, we will discuss a simpler way to understand and apply the most popular personality tool in the world, how your personality influences the way you grow and develop as a person and also provide tips for each personality type on how to best pursue your personal growth strategy to find success in your career and personal life! Let’s dive in.

1. The four different personas : a simple breakdown for personality types

In my Enmocean model I created four personas that simplifies the popular 16 personality types coined by Myers-Briggs. Each persona is derived from the core of personality which are the middle two letters of your personality type. Here are the four personas

  • Enforcers (ISTP,ESTP, ESTJ, ISTJ) – This persona is about trusting experience and being pragmatic
  • Guiders (INFP,ENFP, ENFJ, INFJ) – This persona is about making an impact and helping others grow
  • Givers (ISFP,ESFP, ESFJ, ISFJ) – This persona is about trusting others and providing comfort
  • Innovators (INTP,ENTP, ENTJ, INTJ) – This persona is about seeing the present and acting on the future

2. Which persona are you?

Here’s how to discover your persona! Enmocean has developed a short form quiz that has been designed with key words, phrases, and preferences in mind to help you get an idea of your persona. “Shining” refers to the parts of your personality that are consistently expressed and are typically done so in a confident way. This is related to the parts of your personality that are conscious and often used in every day social life. To get started on the shining quiz use this link below

While I do encourage the full MBTI Step II assessment for full personality results, for the purposes of your introduction to this the shining persona quiz meets the base needs. If you want to go deeper consider becoming a member of the EQ Crew for a deeper self-discovery and personal development.

3. How each Persona approaches personal growth

Personal growth for Enforcers

Enforcers are great at getting things done and getting them done right. But that may not be enough to achieve the kind of success and personal fulfillment Enforcers want. The Enforcer must spend time cultivating their creative talents by trying out new ways to get jobs done along with meeting new people that can help them learn new things. Lastly, the Enforcer needs to double down on emotional intelligence. The application of emotional intelligence looks like communicating their emotions in a mature way, and improving how to support others through emotional challenges. These two things can help Enforcers become well rounded.

Personal growth for Guiders

Guiders are great at motivating, encouraging, and developing others. For Guiders to get going on their personal growth there are two things to work on. The Guider must adopt clear, concrete goals to work towards so that their creative talents are not wasted on unfulfilling work. For a guider to be growing they must be working towards something that is aligned with their values. Lastly, the Guider needs to refine their use of logic and reason when making decisions about their current state. Taking action that is in their best interest, as opposed to everyone else’s interest, is beneficial for their long term well-being.

Personal growth for Givers

Givers are great at getting the job done in a way that makes others feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. They find joy in providing for others and being a rock solid supporter. For Givers to get going on their personal growth there are two things to work on. The Giver should focus and reflect more on the good future they are building towards from the actions they are taking today. By acknowledging the positive future that awaits them, Givers set themselves up to stay motivated in the present moment. Lastly, the Giver should practice using their reason consistently when making decisions in their relationships, whether personal or professional. Weighing the pros and cons often can help Givers develop their sense of self-assurance which leads to them focusing more on their needs as opposed to others.

Personal growth for Innovators

Innovators are great at learning and applying ideas to create helpful systems. They find joy in exploring new ways of seeing things and refining their understanding of the world. For Innovators to get going on their personal growth there are two things to work on. The Innovator must establish a consistent and disciplined process for improving their physical wellbeing. The body is important to take care of so that the mind stays sharp. For an Innovator to be growing they must also take action on their emotional wellbeing. The Innovator ought to work on how they express their emotions to themselves and others. Emotional clarity is highly important for Innovators as they can spend a lot of time in their head which can lead to emotional fog. Taking action to work on unpacking their emotions and values helps Innovators find fulfillment in the creations and actions they take that build towards the future they seek.

Discovering your self-growth strategy is important to your long-term fulfillment. We know that because people are diverse in their personality, interests, and social status that paths to success can often look very different. That’s why it’s important to start from the inside out. Enmocean has built a membership experience called the EQ Crew for early-career professional to learn the skills to outsmart their emotions in order to improve their decision making and relationships. Do you want to be a part of a community dedicated to self-growth? Check out more about the EQ Crew here!

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