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Why Join The EQ Crew?

Genuine Social Bonding

You’ll meet individuals from all different walks of life with a similar goal—using their emotional intelligence to create healthier and happier relationships

Personalized growth

You’ll unlock your specific self-growth path that’s based on your personality which will help you increase your emotional intelligence and use it in your personal and professional life

Personalized Growth and Development

As a member of the EQ Crew you’ll be joining a community that brings together
different personality types for continuous social and emotional development


A private virtual community that provides a social space to connect with other EQ crew members
An advanced course on the application of emotional intelligence and personality types

Four sprint courses for quickly learning how to better work with different personalities

Official personality assessment with a facilitated walkthrough of what it means and how to use it
Monthly social and emotional workshops that are community generated so you always keep your Emotional Intelligence skills sharp
Personalized activities and challenges that specific for each persona
Monthly social hours and networking to meet other community members and have high quality conversation
Live Q&A with Orrin to discuss professional or personal development topics each month


Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to improve their relationships with themselves and others in a practical way.

Anyone who wants to be a part of a community away from social media that’s designed with intention for meaningful social interaction.

Anyone who wants coaching, support, and on-going training in applying emotional intelligence in their day to day life.

How do I join?

Click on the join waitlist and you will be contacted to become a member when enrollment opens.

How much does it cost?

You can choose from two subscriptions:
$33 a month OR $396/annually with one month free!

How do I pay?

You’ll be billed one time each month for your monthly membership fee. You also can choose to buy the yearly (which does include a discount) you’ll only be billed for the full amount once.

What do I do after I join?

You will be provided a quick informative video detailing next steps in your EQ Crew journey.

Can I cancel when I want?

You can. Upon canceling you will be provided a feedback form so we can continue to improve the experience for current and future members!